30 Minutes in the Life | August 2017

August 28, 2017  •  2 Comments

This August we travelled to my sister's in Aberdeenshire, received (thankfully great) exam results, travelled home, started our last year of primary school, enrolled in University and embraced anxiety like an old friend that invited themselves along for the ride!

And September will bring even more changes, deep breaths! Lets just enjoy the little things and feel grateful, hence ducks! 

Had House on a sunny August afternoon.

Please continue around the 30 Minutes circle with Stacey Markel Photography | MD Photographer.

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Liz Godfrey(non-registered)
Cheers to enjoying the little things and being grateful! Love what you captured, Sophie. It reminds me so much of when we used to live in the UK -- I made so many trips to the lake to feed the ducks with my son. Look forward to seeing your September!
Congratulations on all the exciting changes going on in your life. Just keep breathing as you take on this next journey in your life. It will all work out. I love these little mallard ducks. We get them in our back yard as well. Ours appear to be more timid though. I love the image of Ava sharing on the bank. She has grown up so much. And I love seeing your nephew in your images. Thank you for sharing.
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