30 Minutes in the Life | August 2016

August 29, 2016  •  2 Comments

This month Doug found a waterfall on an old map which seemed to be near our house, so of course we went on a Goonies like adventure to find it. This involved crossing a sheep field, climbing over multiple fences, trying not to fall down banks and walking through a river a few times.. but we found it!

The top of it anyhow... the bottom involved trekking through a river to reach it so that's for another day. 

**Disclaimer this may have taken over 30 minutes... I'm not that fast at walking ;)

Please continue reading our circle with Colleen Putman Photography | NYC.


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What a great adventure Sophie. We used to do a lot of hiking with the kids and it was always fun. I love the varying scenery that you captured.
Liz Godfrey(non-registered)
What beautiful images! I love the adventure you captured!
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