30 Minutes in the Life | January 2016

February 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

It's a new year at Journey to Artist and of course we are continuing our cosy little 30 Minute blog circle.

This month it snowed, a lot! I don't think Ava has ever seen this much snow. The downside, I couldn't drive anywhere. The upside... snow! Ava was over the moon, the dog even more so. A game of 'try and catch the snowball' for Poppy looked more like 'throw snowballs at the dog's face' to anyone watching. They both enjoyed it thoroughly though. 

It was lovely to take a few days just to be home and have nowhere to go (and no way to get there). Poppy frolicked in the snowy grass at every opportunity and we wrapped up warm to go outside and watch the gleeful little fool of a pup. The garden looked so clean and new in it's white winter outfit. Now the snow has melted the daffodil bulbs are starting to sprout,  the little hints of spring are creeping in and they are oh so welcome.

Please continue reading our circle, next up Colleen Putman Photography | NYC 

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Colleen P(non-registered)
These are so magical! I love how you photographed the winter wonderland around you, and Ava looks like she is in awe of all the snow :)
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