30 Minutes in the Life | October 2015

October 26, 2015  •  4 Comments

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'The sea always filled her with longing, though for what she was never sure.' - Cornelia Funke Inkheart


Whenever I go 'home'... or to the North East of Scotland as the rest of the world knows it, I stare out of the train window until I can see the coastline. And then it's suddenly like a weight has been lifted and I can exhale. The sea in all it's vastness roots me and reminds me exactly where I come from.

Growing up Cruden Bay beach was my front garden, it was a hop, skip and a jump from my front door and more importantly it was my playground. The sea never unnerved me like it does for many in it's size and unimaginable depths but reminded me that things that seem impossible are very, very real. Perhaps that's why it drove my imagination and kept me always busy, always playing.

While visiting my sister this October break we went to Cullen beach. Ava was instantly enamoured with the sea and sand. Soaked in minutes and at times utterly deranged. She had an absolute ball. She was in direct juxtaposition to my nephew Ben who likes to stare out at the calm and be pensive.... Ava was spinning in circles making weird noises and generally ruining said calm. But she's my daughter so what can I say, she was at home... we were at home.

Please continue reading our circle, next up Stacey Markel Photography | Maryland Family & Child Photographer.


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DSC_5308 copy

* Disclaimer this may have been slightly more that 30 minutes (don't tell anyone) because the kiddo likes to stop and smell the flowers.... or pick up all the rocks... find shells... jump in the sea... run backwards... pretend to be a statue... lose the dogs ball... repeat.


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Wow Sophie - this place looks beautiful, so glad that you were able to go back home and get to spend time with your sister and Ben. Ava looks like she was having an awesome time. I love the full image of the rock with town in the background. So incredible. You captured your visit to the beach so well.
I love this so much Sophie! Simply amazing :)
Cindy Cavanagh(non-registered)
oh what joy. Just love the beach on a cold day.
Colleen Putman(non-registered)
These are gorgeous, Sophie :) I could just smell the crisp sea air while looking at your photos. What a beautiful place to call home!
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