Project 52 2014 | A Year in Pictures.

January 19, 2015  •  2 Comments

In 2013 I took one picture a week as part of My Four Hens Project 52, as a result I had 52 photos to look back on that told our families story (you can find that post here). So I decided to repeat in 2014 and I'm so happy I did, it is so fun to look back on these photos and the memories attached to them. Of course I am doing the project again for the 3rd year in 2015 and also a Project 365 on my iPhone just for kicks too :)

So here is our 2014:

week01_reflection week02_imperfection week03_inside week04_joy week05_noise week06_myparadise week07_focused week08_bright week09_colourblind week10_soft week11_patterns week12_blue week13_vast week14_radiate week15_white week16_mine week17_pastel week18_moody week19_faces week20_light week21_mybackyard week22_mylife (behind the lens) week23_blur week24_motion week25_dreamy week26_old week27_euphoria week28_silly week29_weakness week30_loud week31_landscape week32_solitary week33_random week34_blackandwhite week35_green week36_shapes week37_seasonal week38_clear week39_heavy week40_red week41_goldenhour week42_food week43_memyselfandi week44_myhappyplace week45_vibrant week46_mymorningroutine week47_coloursoftherainbow week48_timeless week49_gratitude week50_lazydays week51_soul week52_celebration


Jeanette Verster(non-registered)
Love this series!! This 52 project is such an awesome way to storybook a year
it's so beautiful sophie & ava is so pretty just like mommy. this is inspiring. :)
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