Tell Me a Story | August 2014

August 31, 2014  •  8 Comments

   I have just been welcomed into a wonderful group of bloggers who go by the name of 'Tell me a Story'. These ladies choose one day a month and photograph. Then they blog their stories. I'm so excited to be a part of such a positive, affirming group! Thank you ladies.

   My story starts and ends on August 3rd 2014. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and this happened to be the very last day of the Commonwealth Games. My daughter Ava and I headed down to Glasgow Cathedral at lunchtime to watch the Men's Road Race. At first we discovered a nice aerial view on the hill at the Necropolis but we soon decided to get closer to the action nearer the Cathedral.

   We got an ideal spot at a corner where a few families we're cheering on every last team and of course Ava joined in.


week31_landscape Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race


   And then it started to rain. Then it rained some more. The poor cyclists looked broken by this point and who could blame them. I know I couldn't have fought through with rain and wind in my face. In an attempt to keep my child and camera dry under my umbrella I ended up soaked through to my skin. For the record shower proof coats are not monsoon level drenching proof :) At least I got some nice shots.


Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race Road Race


   After the race we headed to the Merchant city to watch my friends' band Indian Red Lopez play but unfortunately their outdoor gig was rained off, I guess getting electrocuted on stage is a bit of a big deal and people tend to avoid it. So after a quick, very soggy hello and goodbye to the guys Ava and I headed home to get dry and change.

   In the evening we were off to Glasgow Green for the Closing Ceremony Party with some friends. After an hour long queue we eventually got in, drank some magnificent HobNob Milkshakes and watched Clyde dance on the stage. Thankfully the weather decided to take pity on us. We stayed dry thank goodness.

   The kids had a blast running around, stealing police officer's hats and eating candy floss while the Mums watched the ceremony on the big screens. As the sun went down we said farewell to a truly amazing two weeks of summer. Thank you Glasgow, the games were something we will never forget.

   A long tired walk home ended with 3 tired monkeys falling into bed and 3 exhausted Mum's not being far behind.

   Please continue reading our circle's tales at the next blogger the absolutely lovely and wonderful Sharleen Stuart! Sharleen N. Stuart Photography, South Florida Photographer. 



Stacey Markel(non-registered)
Great images Sophie!! Love the ferris wheel one, especially :)
These are awesome-great job in the rain! I love the b&w's and the Ferris wheel ones.
Emily Kohl(non-registered)
Great blog! Really enjoyed reading!
I LOVE these! Mainly, I love to bike for fun and these were just fantastic. My favorite is the black and white of the cyclists in the rain with the car behind them. Great job!
Colleen P(non-registered)
Oh wow, Sophie, you are brave to have stayed and photograph in that downpour!! I love the photographs, especially of your little girl with the umbrella :)
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