30 Minutes in the Life | August 2014

August 25, 2014  •  11 Comments

30 Minutes in the Life | August 2014

{Back to School Special}

This month it was time to go back to school for both my little girl and my other half (teacher not pupil). We have a couple of traditions for the first day. Number one, lots of photos and number two ice cream after school. 

Now these are way more posed than my usual style but to be honest my little one starting primary 4 is too big a deal to ignore :) And since we will likely be moving before the next school year begins I wanted to grab her group of closest friends for a few last photos of them all starting together.


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What precious details you have captured so perfectly! I love this x
Kristi Burton(non-registered)
Oh Sophie she's lovely! I always love your images of your daughter. Great job!!
Julia Cooke(non-registered)
I find the pictures of your daughter with her friends so emotional. You really captured the friendship between the three and everything about the pictures is so rich and beautiful. These are pictures she will love for the longest time.
Cindy Cavanagh(non-registered)
Firstly, let me say that I LOVE your new blog. Just gorgeous. And these images of your daughter are lovely. She will treasure these forever.
mary slone(non-registered)
these are lovely, Sophie! such beautiful children! and i love the colors... ive really been easing into a color kick lately... i need to work on my color processing, and this is motivating!! xoxo
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