30 Minutes in the Life | November 2014

November 24, 2014  •  9 Comments

Glasgow Cathedral is a favourite of my daughter and I. We like to walk there at the weekends whenever possible. I hope when we move in the next year we still have time to pop back now and then. It's such a beautiful place.

The lampposts feature Glasgow's crest which Ava is studying at the moment so she made me snap a photo ;)

"Here is the bird that never flew

Here is the tree that never grew

Here is the bell that never rang

Here is the fish that never swam."

I love walking with my little one and chatting.

(Oh the last photo is the amazing ceiling at Glasgow's Royal Infirmary which is right next to the Cathedral and Necropolis.)

Please continue reading our circle at my lovely friend (and incredibly talented photographer) Colleen's blog, I truly love her blog and experiencing New York through her eyes. 

Colleen Putman Photography | NYC Traveling Photographer


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Sara Kelly(non-registered)
Oh WOW! That last image is absolutely stunning! I love to walk and talk alone with my daughter, too. It's such a wonderful chance to hear what they're thinking.
Charlotte Kitchenside(non-registered)
Stunning, stunning set of images! Third one in and the bottom image - incredible all topped off by your adorable little Ava! My husband is always trying to get me up to Scotland and you have me sold on Glasgow!
Wow Sophie, I think I want to join Colleen and come back and visit Scotland. I love the two photo of Ava. They are just stunning. The OOF behind her is just exquisite. I also love the second last one of the trees. It makes me thing of a wintery day. Just gorgeous.
Sophie I love your post. I love the shots of your daughter and the beautiful bokeh in the trees. The last image is amazing as well. Love them all.
Stacey Markel(non-registered)
These are beautiful!! What a beautiful, breathtaking spot!!
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