30 Minutes in the Life | October 2014

October 27, 2014  •  10 Comments

This month we travelled to Ireland to visit my Mum in County Mayo. It was great being in the fresh air and our favourite thing to do was feed the horse in the field at the end of Mum's garden. It was the sweetest horse I've ever met, he would nuzzle into your neck to cuddle against you and just stand there completely content. Ava absolutely loved him and there were a few tears when we had to leave and say goodbye to him.

So here is a little of the emerald isle and the friendliest horse on the planet.


Please continue reading our lovely little circle at the awesome Colleen Putman Photography | NYC Traveling Photographer. 


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Julia Cooke(non-registered)
These pictures really led me into another world. Such a gorgeous peaceful moment. I love the soft (but incredibly clear) face of the horse and the close atmosphere of the fog. So wonderful.
Sophie what dreamy photo's. I love the mist and it makes me feel a little chilly. My favorite photo is the one of Ava stretching up to pat the horse. But I also like the one of the horses mouth down near her shoes. I feel like it could have been nudging her. Thanks so much for sharing.
Sophie I love these, there is a chilly feeling to them with all the mist. Your mom is lucky to have that view. I love the second photo where Ava is stretching up to the horse. I also love the one of the horses mouth close to her shoes, like it is nudging her. Thank you for sharing.
Kristi Burton(non-registered)
I love these Sophie!! So glad you had a nice time with that sweet horse and that you shared with us such beautiful images of that time together with your daughter. xx
Charlotte Kitchenside(non-registered)
What a wonderful view your mum has from her back garden! I love the mist, it really adds atmosphere! Just gorgeous!
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