30 Minutes in the Life of Us | July 2013

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So it's time to start a photography blog. I wasn't sure where to start, when a friend and fellow photographer suggested a "30 minutes in the life of" blog circle I realised this was the perfect jumping off point. I'm so lucky to be part of a group of fantastic photographers all over the world and this project has given us all a really fun few weeks to get to know one another. Keep clicking those links and travel around the circle.
This is such a perfect way to share my images but also a little bit about myself and my family.
It's July 2013 and this month was more eventful than most. My partner D left on a amazing expedition to India (Himalayas) with a group of teens he teaches and I instantly became a short term single parent. So obviously I called in the recruits (I have no idea how to entertain myself for 3 weeks let alone my daughter too). Luckily my Mum saved the day entertaining us and taking us on lots of adventures.
This particular adventure was 30 minutes of alone time for me and the Sugarlump.
(Well Charlie the dog too.)
My sister has a fantastic dog walking trail behind her house with lots of beautiful wild flowers. The three of us spent 30 minutes walking, talking and throwing the ball. It's a lot of fun walking someone else's dog, dogs really appreciate pretty much anything you do for them so taking them for a walk is generally met with the kind of enthusiasm people reserve for wedding days and the birth of their children. My daughter loves Charlie and I think these pictures really show it.
So here it is 30 minutes of my life | July 10th 2013

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At the dogwalk. At the dogwalk. At the dogwalk. week28_simple At the dogwalk. At the dogwalk. At the dogwalk.


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